Executive Recruitment

Our Duties

Vision & Partnership Working Partnership

  • Continue to deliver the Trusts vision and values and shape the Trusts role as a system leader, including opportunities for meaningful integration such as the community services collaborative and new opportunities and integration with the VCS where possible.
  • Be influential and in driving place Mental Health / securing investment to address under funding. Ensuring the Trust voice is heard at WY for MH and use our lobbying influence to ensure we remain engaged due to politics / risks others exploit this further leadership change.
  • Continue to use the Care Trust Way to bring partners together and expand on our external partners in new ways in a new world of heightened partnership/ system working.
  • Provide leadership within and as part of the Community Services Collaborative to allow the Trust to bring together models of working at an organisational and service level, drawing on a broader range of partners including the VCS and LA.
  • Develop a Strategy with partners and for services that ensures our sustainability - where are our strengths e.g. primary care relationships.
  • Continue to use the QI approach to accelerate and embed itself in routine practice; there is mutual benefit in the ICS and other new partnerships such as the PCN, which demonstrates tangible patient outcomes.

Financial Management

  • Financial sustainability - making and winning the case for additional investment to help match our ambition and maintain a strong but positive position within local and regional systems.
  • Driving year on year efficiencies through working practices without risking quality or safety.

Strategic Development

  • Lead on Cultural transformation & Quality Improvement including several service specific challenges including CAMHS.  
  • Securing the Trust's future financially and within place as provider of choice and trusted primary care partner using the Digital Business Strategy underpinned by strong foundations and digital workforce.
  • Be the driving force in PCN work, ensuring there is a clear organisational perspective as well as system view on how this will support strategic delivery.
  • Secure sufficient sustainable capital financing for the redevelopment of Lynfield Mount without compromising on the ambition for the hospital.

Leadership & Management

  • Live the Care Trust Way with the humility to recognise when they get things wrong.
  • The CEO should be an active participant however should rely on his executive team to be equals participants.
  • Using the Care Trust Way to create seismic changes in the Trust and Local landscape by really stretching ourselves in considering the art of the possible.
  • Quality Improvements in Clinical Services and a focus on achieving CQC Outstanding.
  • Support the relatively new Executive team to work effectively together and enable the senior leadership team further to increase their effectiveness.
  • Focus on transformational leadership - continuing to build Trust system integrity and responsiveness, culture change, patient-centredness and organisational learning.


  • Continue with the progress we have made with the Care Trust Way and best place to work and ensuring this continues at pace, so employees feel supported.
  • Be a leader who visible and gives a voice to all and finds creative ways of providing that.
  • Focus on staff wellbeing and improved recruitment and retention; staff demonstrating collaborative working in and across the system; stressing the value of organisational resilience (inc. a strong grasp of how we can defend against inappropriate, imposed CIPs and invest in evidence-based improvements)

Covid – 19

  • Post COVID - supporting Trust systems to pause and reflect on the challenges and opportunities there will be and enforce changes and innovation that actually add value.
  • Re-establish business as usual after Covid-19 and identify key lessons learnt that would enhance quality and safety and future contingency arrangements in a sustainable way.